On The Road with HL – Essentials 14



Although it seems like a lifetime ago, the biggest event in the HL calendar since we last spoke was of course The World Travel Market. All of us who made the trip thoroughly enjoyed catching up with as many of you as we could and it was great to finally be able to put names to a few faces.

Meeting face to face is always so rewarding. Luckily for us, the HL stand became the place to be for weary travellers due to our rather large collection of comfy chairs. We really appreciated you guys dropping in to discuss not just our latest products, but ideas on how we can work together to better meet the needs of your groups.

As we all know, these events often pass by in somewhat of a whirlwind, but there were so many positives to take from WTM. Making new friends was fun, but most importantly it gave us the chance to explore an array of exciting new opportunities in 2016 and beyond.


Tea on Thames

When tickets for one of London’s premier river cruises came up in the office there were no shortage of takers. Everyone jumped at the chance to indulge in a little luxury on a trip through the city, and much to my better half’s delight I was the lucky recipient. Upon our arrival I presumed the staff had been informed of who we were due to the special attention we seemed to be receiving, so I was a little disappointed to see the group behind us being treated to the same welcome! We were seated right in the heart of the vessel, surrounded by elegant decorations. Not having a window seat wasn’t a problem thanks to the floor to ceiling panoramic windows that provided spectacular views out of either side. It was great to just sit back, relax and enjoy the atmosphere. It really felt like a special occasion. We’d both done sightseeing tours before, and have had more than a few afternoon teas in our time, but combining the two was a match made in heaven. Gazing out over the river while devouring a tantalising selection of cakes, scones and sandwiches is an experience both of us are keen to enjoy again.


Kay Meets Rod Stewart!

Ok, I didn’t actually get to meet him as such, but I did get a picture of his back – and that’s what counts right? Besides, now I know we have a shared love of Harry Potter it’s only a matter of time before he’s inviting me round for a Butterbeer or two. I’ll be honest with you guys; this wasn’t my first trip to the Warner Bros. Studios. Every time I come back I discover something new, they really go the extra mile in dressing the studios up for the time of year. Everyone, aged 8-80 was left spellbound by the tour. I think it’s a testament to the quality of exhibits inside that they received more attention than Mr Stewart!