Days out

Add real value to your itineraries and benefit from flexible confirmation dates and a selection of restaurants for that perfect pre-theatre meal. ​

A unique way to the see the sights of a city away from the hustle and bustle and a fantastic alternative for meal stops in the area.

Whatever the event, we’ll have the perfect restaurant, attraction or secret hidden gem to turn a generic tourist experience into a truly unforgettable big day out.​


Since 1992, Hospitality Line has provided a complete, all-encompassing service to the UK Domestic Coach Market. Our business success has been based on the highest possible level of attention to detail and our sound understanding of the needs and aspirations of our customers. Our team is highly experienced in a wide range of disciplines, unmatched anywhere else in the industry. From sourcing the latest attractions, shows or restaurants, to providing a one to one service to coach companies and tour operators across the UK, we do it all.